Circuit of Simple Temperature Detector

This is an explanation about circuit of simple temperature detector. In many ways, the development of science and technology is getting easier for human activities (especially those who are ready to receive it), the various creations of human creativity in any variety of small things to things that are not small.

create excessive heat detection circuit of an object (could be: water, body temperature, etc.) using a very simple circuit.

This Image of Simplified Circuit Temperature Detector

The circuit consists of:

Temperature sensor (thermistor or the like)
potentiometer 10 K
741 Op Amp
output: Bi Color Led

Explanation The Circuit

as an automatic switch we use a voltage divider between the thermistor and potentiometer (to set accuracy) and the incoming voltage from the voltage divider had entered the LM 741 op amp and output from the LED will change color automatically.
note: the output can be replaced by buzzer

when heat temperature

when cold temperatures

That's the circuit of simple temperature detector , this circuit can be used to detect your health, good healthy living ( vida sana ).

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