Some Type of Resistors

Much types of Resistors, is the most commonly used of all electronic components. There are different types of resistors are available with their primary function is to limit the current through the electrical circuit and to lower the voltage. Resistors are "Passive Components", which does not

What is LDR or Light Dependent Resistor

Light Dependent Resistor or LDR is a resistor that changes its resistance due to the intensity of light absorbed. LDR is also a resistor having a negative temperature coefficient, where the resistance is affected by light intensity.

Function of IC LM35 and How It Works

Do you looking for the function of IC LM35 ? The works of IC LM 35 typically serves as a temperature sensor. IC LM 35 is packaged in the form of integrate circuit which prisoners rates is a function of temperature, the temperature will cause a change of IC LM 35.

Circuit of Simple Temperature Detector

This is an explanation about circuit of simple temperature detector. In many ways, the development of science and technology is getting easier for human activities (especially those who are ready to receive it), the various creations of human creativity in any variety of small things to things that are not small.