Amplifier uses IC TDA7375A

4 channel amplifier uses an IC TDA7375A and capable of producing power 18watt output for each channel. TDA7375A amplifier circuit can be used to make 2 channel stereo configuration is often applied to sound systems in cars. That is 1 channel stereo for the front and 1 channel stereo for the the rear. Source voltage needed for this amplifier is a 12VDC-15VDC. Amplifier circuit with IC TDA 7375A is very simple and easy to make.

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For more details can seen in the image circuit four channel amplifier TDA7375A follows.
Fund manager for the series 4 channel amplifier TDA7375A it can make use of the equalizer or tone controls. To manufacture ICs need to be considered cooling for IC TDA7375A because it will remove the heat.

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